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Noises are barriers to communication such as:

-a different way of selecting,

organizing and interpreting information between source and receiver;

- the source supply too much information, may lead to a distortion or confusion of the message that the receiver receives;

-lack of arranging and structuring during sales presentation;

-differences in recognizing languages, words, sentences, filtering information or a selective perception;

-selling pressure; a pushy arrogant selling style can influence the prospector’s attitude and interpose a communication barrier;

-interferences with the competitors messages;

-lack of attention or misunderstandings that determines receiving inaccurate messages;

-emotional factors such us fears, worries, illness, incapacity of concentration and so forth;

-no timing between sending and receiving messages;

-physical restrictions or static hindrances of the environment;

-the source has a poor credibility that creates distortions;

- poor messages’ presentation or low capacity of a correct encoding and decoding messages;