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Let’s remember the famous hierarchy of needs represented as a pyramid. Maslow disposed physiological primary needs at the basic level. The next needs that human being must satisfy are the needs of safety and personal security that also include the need of body security, of employement, of resources, of morality, of the family, of heath, of property and financial security. Social needs and the needs of belonging, that refers to friendship, family, intimacy, are natural followed by the level of self esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others, respect by others. At the top of the pyramid there is a bunch of traits about morality, creativity, self development, needs that require all the other needs to be first fulfilled.

Of course, a careful analisys also recognizes other significant individual needs, conscious or unconscious, connected or not to those already mentioned: the need of charity, freedom, communication, the need of knowledge and creating new things, the need for inner balance, accomplishments, solicitude, the need to acquire goods, the need to expres the own personality. Opposite, people also show needs like the need for agression, for attention, support, self sabotage, stimulations, the need of feeling guilty, the neet to dominate others , to be right, to avoid the blame, to humiliate, to ask compassion, to feel as a victim.

Together with all personal values, a genuine corolla of all things people really care about, that springs from the most profound sense of being, the human needs, which are profound embedded in sort of psychic areas, both give an inner guidance to personal actions and behaviors. What could be done to raise the awareness of personal values and needs? That is not really easy, but the noble purpose to quit a behavioral pattern deprived of benefits, purpose that often comes from unconscious needs, make worthy the effort to recognize, approve or deny automatically fulfilled needs. It is not very important which is the origin of this unconscious needs: the childhood, wrong beliefs or false learned ideology. It is most important a strong decision to stop the tendency of fulfilling useless needs, the needs that are not in harmony with what people are or what people want to become. Instead of that, a new way require respect for all the genuine necessities, that lead to advisable behaviours and beneficial attitudes, that only serve that kinf of values which express the inner beauty.